Event Spaces

Make history with an event at MPM!

MPM is the natural fit for your next event, whether it’s a picturesque wedding ceremony in the Streets of Old Milwaukee or a state-of-the-art conference in one of our comfortable meeting spaces.

Event Rentals:
  • Pricing is based on a six-hour event.
  • Rental price includes: Event staffing, tables and seating, and full access to rented exhibit areas.
Rental Options:
  • Full floor rental:  Guests are given full access to all exhibits on the floor that is rented.*
  • Partial floor rental:  Guests are given access to a portion of the selected exhibit floor. Please inquire about pricing.*
    *Excluding special exhibit


Featuring native Wisconsin plants and greenery, the Milwaukee Public Museum’s newly designed 9,500-square foot courtyard is the natural fit for your outdoor wedding ceremony or cocktail hour. Please note rental pricing includes one hour. Additional rental hours are available at $200 per hour.

The Kadish Courtyard Outdoor Space
Reception Capacity - 200
Wedding Ceremony Capacity - 160


The Kohl's Garden Galleries are ideal for meetings, breakout spaces, lectures, and so much more. Featuring a projector, screen, sound system, and other AV capabilities, the Kohl's Garden Galleries can be rented as one large space or partitioned into separate spaces. The Kohl's Garden Galleries are available for $100 per hour with a two hour minimum rental or can be rented all day for $500 during regular museum operating hours. In the evenings, the Kohl's Garden Galleries are available for a standard 6-hour rental for $750.

Ground Floor - $750

The highlight of the ground floor is the Hebior Mammoth, a cast of a nearly complete mammoth skeleton found less than 30 miles from MPM. The Kadish Courtyard and Kohl's Garden Galleries rent separately from the Ground Floor.

The Hebior Mammoth/Atrium
     Reception Capacity - 1,000
     Dinner Capacity - 328

First Floor - Entire Floor Rental - $3,200

The first floor has much to offer. Set the scene for your event in a bustling Milwaukee at the turn of the 20th century, or create a whimsical experience in the Puelicher Butterfly Wing.

Streets of Old Milwaukee
     Reception Capacity - 150
     Dinner Capacity - 88

European Village
     Reception Capacity - 100
     Dinner Capacity - 48

Puelicher Butterfly Wing/ Exploring Life on Earth
     Reception Capacity - 250
     Dinner Capacity - 208

The Third Planet: Earth
     Reception Capacity - 100

Costa Rican Rainforest
     Reception Capacity - 150

Second Floor - Entire Floor Rental - $2,000

The second floor features the best of our sprawling country, including dramatic portrayals of Native American life.

A Tribute to Survival
     Reception Capacity - 200 • Dinner Capacity - 32

Wisconsin Woodlands
     Dinner Capacity - 88

North America
     Reception Capacity - 300
     Dinner Capacity - 186

Special Exhibit Galleries

The second floor is also home to MPM's special exhibit halls. These spaces rent separately from the second floor. 

Bert L. & Patricia S. Steigleder Special Exhibits Gallery- $1,250
7250 sq. ft.
     Reception Capacity - 500
     Dinner Capacity - 450

Erwin C. Uihlein Special Exhibits Gallery- $700
3425 sq. ft.
     Reception Capacity - 200
     Dinner Capacity - 150

Third Floor - Entire Floor Rental - $2,500

MPM’s third floor is our most geographically diverse. Experience the vibrant cultures of South, Central and Middle America, trek through exotic Africa, or treat your guests to a “cool” event in the Arctic.

Middle America and Pacific Islands
     Reception Capacity - 75
     Dinner Capacity - 88

     Reception Capacity - 150
     Dinner Capacity - 128

     Dinner Capacity - 32

     Dinner Capacity - 32

Living Oceans
     Reception Capacity - 100
     Dinner Capacity - 48

Crossroads of Civilization
No food or beverage currently permitted.