Rental Opportunities

The Milwaukee Public Museum offers an unforgettable setting for meetings, breakout sessions, receptions, dinners, and so much more!

people in front of the puelicher butterfly wingKey features include:

  • Centrally located, just a nine-minute walk from Fiserv Forum
  • Built-in entertainment featuring three floors of exhibits, including the iconic Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibition
  • Comfortably accommodates up to 3,500 guests
  • Abundant parking options, including an adjacent enclosed parking garage that parks 1,445 cars
  • Experienced catering services provided by Zilli Hospitality Group
  • In-house A/V services available
  • Multiple event spaces available, including Steigleder Gallery, a flexible space featuring an interchangeable wall system and over 12,000 square feet that can accommodate a seated meal for 450+ guests
  • Proceeds from facility rentals support MPM’s mission
Event Spaces & Maximum Capacities

Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater and Planetarium ● 260 
Kohl’s Garden Galleries ● 240
Gromme Lecture Hall ● 212
Steigleder Gallery ● 500
Uihlein Gallery  ● 200
Ground Floor ● 1,000
Entire First Floor Exhibits Rental ● 600
Entire Second Floor Exhibits Rental ● 500
Entire Third Floor Exhibits Rental ● 500
Full Museum Rental ● 3,500

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Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater and Planetarium – Ground Floor

The Dome Theater and Planetarium features a six-story curved hemispheric screen, Digistar 6 projection Technology, and wraparound digital surround sound. This space utilizes a hemispheric screen, so regular films and presentations are usually displayed in a rhombus shape. Presenters in this space should expect to coordinate with MPM to adapt the space (e.g. to rent a follow spot if spotlighting is desired).

Capacity: 260 stadium-style seats + areas for accessible seating


Kohl’s Garden Galleries – Ground Floor

An L-shaped, customizable, 3,900-sq. feet meeting space* featuring optional wall partitions and a view of the Kadish Courtyard.

When used as one space:

Reception capacity: 240 ● Dinner capacity: 150-200
Add the 9,500 sq. ft. outdoor Kadish Courtyard to your rental for a breath of fresh air! Reception capacity: 200 

When used as two spaces:

Garden Room AB is 2,319 sq. ft. and features a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, a built-in 12’ x 7’ projection screen, a podium, a computer, and basic surround sound. Microphones available.

Theater-style capacity: 120 ● Dinner-style capacity: 88

Garden Room CD is 1,081 sq. ft. and features two glass walls looking out on the Kadish Courtyard.

Theater-style capacity: 88 ● Dinner-style capacity: 64

*The Kohl’s Garden Galleries can be partitioned to create up to four separate spaces. 


Gromme Lecture Hall – First Exhibit Floor

A fully equipped lecture hall featuring an approximately 29’ x 16’ half-circle stage, 212 auditorium seats, and areas for accessible seating. Also features a built-in 20’ x 12’ projection screen, a ceiling-mounted 5,400-lumen projector with a long-throw lens, a podium, microphone(s), and basic surround sound. Requires MPM audiovisual technician support for lighting and sound production. 


tables of people at large meeting with screensSteigleder Gallery – Second Exhibit Floor

MPM’s largest flexible event space (12,084 sq. ft). Use the south side of this gallery for General Sessions, breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner while customizing the north side to fit your meeting needs. Add projectors, screens, and sound support to fully equip this space. The north side of the Steigleder Gallery features an interchangeable wall system so you can create break-out spaces and customize the space to fit your needs. 

Dinner capacity: 400 ● Reception capacity: 500 ● Theater-style capacity: 500 


Uihlein Gallery – Second Exhibit Floor

MPM’s second-largest flexible event space (3,425 sq. ft) features a built-in 18’ x 12’ projection screen. Add a projector and/or sound support to fully equip this space.

Dinner capacity: 150 ● Reception capacity: 200 


Ground Floor

The highlight of the Ground Floor is the Hebior Mammoth, a cast of a nearly complete mammoth skeleton found less than 30 miles from MPM. The Kadish Courtyard and Kohl's Garden Galleries rent separately from the Ground Floor.

Reception capacity: 1,000 ● Dinner capacity: 328


First Floor
Entire Floor Rental

The first floor has much to offer. Set the scene for your event in a bustling Milwaukee at the turn of the 20th century, or create a whimsical experience in the Puelicher Butterfly Wing.

men in suits at hi boy tablesStreets of Old Milwaukee

Reception capacity: 150 ● Dinner capacity: 88

European Village

Reception capacity: 100 ● Dinner capacity: 48

Puelicher Butterfly Wing / Exploring Life on Earth

Reception capacity: 250 ● Dinner capacity: 208

The Third Planet: Earth

Reception capacity: 100

Costa Rican Rainforest

Reception capacity: 150


Second Floor
Entire Floor Rental

The Second Floor features the best of our sprawling country, including dramatic portrayals of Native American life.

A Tribute to Survival

Reception capacity: 200 ● Dinner capacity: 32

Wisconsin Woodlands

Dinner capacity: 88

North America

Reception capacity: 300 ● Dinner capacity: 186


Third Floor
Entire Floor Rental

MPM’s Third Floor is our most geographically diverse. Experience the vibrant cultures of South, Central and Middle America, trek through exotic Africa, or treat your guests to a “cool” event in the arctic.

people at tables in an exhibit hallMiddle America and Pacific Islands

Reception capacity: 125 ● Dinner capacity: 186


Reception capacity: 150 ● Dinner capacity: 128


Dinner capacity: 32


Dinner capacity: 32

Living Oceans

Reception capacity: 100 ● Dinner capacity: 48

Crossroads of Civilization

No food or beverage currently permitted.


Full Museum Rental

A full Museum rental includes the Ground Floor and the Kohl’s Garden Galleries, 150,000+ sq. ft. of world-class exhibit space spanning three floors, and the Dome Theater and Planetarium. As one of Milwaukee’s top-ten largest meetings and event venues, a full Museum rental supplies you with 80,000 sq. ft. of unique event space.  

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