The Milwaukee Public Museum's Dinosaurs Are Lonely!


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The Milwaukee Public Museum's Dinosaurs are Lonely!

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (June 11, 2020)—While their doors are temporarily closed, the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) dinosaurs are going a little stir crazy. With more than 550,000 visitors a year, T. rex and his friends are used to seeing kids on field trips, families, couples on dates, groups of friends, and even party guests. As hard our security and other onsite professionals work to keep them entertained, they simply miss you!

So MPM is asking you to send them:

  • a drawing of a dino
  • notes to the dinos
  • photos with the dinos
  • dance videos for the dinos
  • a song about the dinos
  • a story about the dinos
  • your favorite memory with the dinos

...or anything else you can think of to cheer up our lonely dinos!

Send us your dino submissions via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even email us at

Need some inspiration? Check out this video made by some of our biggest dinosaur fans!


Head over to We’ll be sharing more submission on our website and social media channels as they come in.

About the Milwaukee Public Museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum is a natural and human history museum located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Museum was chartered in 1882 and opened to the public in 1884. MPM has three floors of exhibits that encompass life-size dioramas, walk-through villages, world cultures, dinosaurs, a rainforest, and a live butterfly garden, as well as the Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater and Planetarium. The Museum houses more than 4 million objects and hosts some half-million visitors each year.

MPM is operated by Milwaukee Public Museum, Inc., a private, non-profit company, and its facilities and collections are held in trust and supported by Milwaukee County for the benefit of the public.