Select Ribbonwork from the Collection

The ribbonwork items in the Milwaukee Public Museum number over 140 pieces.

The items pictured here represent additional examples from the collection.

From the James Howard Collection:

E64729/27301 Delaware Shirt

E64458ab/27301 Kickapoo Moccasins

E64735ab/27301 Delaware Breechcloth Panels

E64735c/27301 Delaware Trailer
E64403ab/27301 Potawatomi Leggings

Additional ribbonwork items in the Museum collection:

E55039/16544 Winnebago Shawl

E55161/16761 Winnebago Shawl

E56259ab/17640 Fox Moccasins

E59590/28076 Sauk Breechcloth

E60676ab/21651 Winnebago Leggings

E31943ab/7765 Miami Leggings