Photo Gallery

Constructing the “banda” or drying shack for the skins collected.

Skinning shelter.

Camp at Saronia, Tanganyika.

Packaging skins for shipment.

Irving Perkins and Samuel A. Barrett

Irving Perkins with a tracker.

Dr. Barrett with a tracker.

Besides Sim, the Cudahy-Massee Expedition also had a temporary pet baboon named Rastus.

An Embu man.

A store in Embu, Kenya.

Ikoma musicians.

Ikoma men.

Ikoma dancers.

Construction of Ikoma homes.

Kikuyu women.

Kikuyu in festival attire.

Kikuyu calabash vendor en route to the market.

A Kikuyu girl.

A Kikuyu man with one distended ear and one ear wrapped around itself.

A Kikuyu youth dancer.

Kikuyu dancers.

A Kitosh women.

A Kitosh home.

A Maasai women.

Maasai men.

Maasai women.

A Maasai man in chief attire.

A Mbeere boy.

A Mbeere chief with part of his family.

A Turkana man with a wrist knife.

A Turkana women.

A Turkana women.

Turkana women with youth.

Irving Perkins with Wadorobo trackers while hunting for bongo.

The full African staff on the Cudahy-Massee Expedition.

A sign in Kitgum, Uganda showing that it is the “center of the universe.”

A boy playing a hand-made harp in Mombassa, Kenya.

The Tana River.

Poster for the film Carveth Wells made about the expedition.